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We are hoping that our site will be what you are looking for in a swing community. Most swinger sites promote heavily in the interest of attracting as many people as possible to the site so that you can search through the members database and maybe find your match. Now while we agree that is one viable way of doing things, we think a little differently. We look for people in our general area who think as closely to us as possible. The idea is that you will not have to look through thousands of profiles for your match. We are hoping that almost all will be your match because you and our members are all "Phreaky Ones". We (the owners) approve everyone to the site, so if you think that our way of doing things is great, then consider partying with us. If not, then we can understand and there are plenty of sites to help you on your way to Swinging bliss. Happy swinging from us at Phreaky Ones

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